Sony Cash Back Program Extended

Sony's Cash Back Program has been extended! Enjoy cash back on the new Sony gear you've been eyeing up! Until April 30th, 2024, you can receive $50 cash back for products over $1,000 and $30 cash back for products under $1,000 (excluding lenses). All you have to do is register your Sony product online! Yes, it's that easy!

How To Redeem Your Cash Back:

Purchase a qualifying Sony product at The Camera Store in-store or by April 30th, 2024.

    • Look for either the Cash Back Sticker on eligible Sony products in-store or the Sony Cash Back note on our website. 
    • For the full list of qualifying products, click here. 

Register your products on by May 14th, 2024.

  • The reimbursement vendor will verify the purchase by validating the receipt and product (don't lose your receipt!).

Once verified, the reimbursement vendor will mail the rebate as a loaded Visa Debit Card to you!

Talk about an easy way to get a little extra with your new Sony gear! For more information, please visit

Sony cash back extended