Sony 2021 World Photography Awards

Image by Majid Hojjati

This year’s Sony World Photography Awards have been announced with the top two winners representing how different biases are portrayed in history, culture and the community. Photographer of the Year was awarded to British documentarian Craig Easton for his series “Bank Top.” Open Photographer of the Year, a category honouring single images, was awarded to Zimbabwean photographer Tamary Kudita for her winning portrait, “African Victorian.”

In Craig Easton’s “Bank Top,” he addresses issues of social deprivation, housing, unemployment and immigration, as well as the impact of past and present foreign policy.

Tamary Kudita’s single image is of a young woman dressed in Victorian clothing, holding traditional Shona cooking utensils, called African Victorian.

The winner of the Student Competition was Coenraad Heinz Torlage, of the Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography, for his series “Young Farmers.”

The Youth Photographer of the Year award went to 19-year-old Pubarun Basu from India, for his image “No Escape from Reality.”

The winner of the Architecture category was Tomáš Vocelka, of the Czech Republic, for his photographs of a former military complex that has been transformed into a pet crematorium.

Mark Hamilton Gruchy, from the UK, was the winner in the Creative category for his series of edited Nasa and Jet Propulsion Laboratory images.

The Documentary category was won by Vito Fusco, of Italy, for his series on Kenya’s pyrethrum flowers, which are used as a natural insecticide.

The winner of the Environment category was Simone Tramonte, of Italy, for his series “Net-zero Transition.”

The Landscape category was won by Majid Hojjati, of Iran, for “Silent Neighbourhoods.”

Laura Pannack, from the UK, won the Portfolio category, with images from a variety of personal projects.

The winner of the Sport category was Anas Alkharboutli, for the series “Sport and Fun Instead of War and Fear.”

The Still Life winner was Peter Eleveld, from the Netherlands, for his series “Shot on Wet Plate.”

Luis Tato, from Spain, was the Wildlife and Nature winner, for “Locust Invasion in East Africa.”

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