SAIT Black & White Darkroom Classes - Fall 2023

The new school season is coming up so why not take the chance to learn more about black and white darkroom photography! SAIT's Fall 2023 semester PHOT 009 – Black and White Darkroom Techniques is for those looking to learn the entire process of developing film. Taught by a master darkroom craftsman in Calgary’s finest traditional darkroom facility, this class is your opportunity to expand your photographic knowledge!

PHOT 009 – Black and White Darkroom Techniques

Create a beautiful collection of black and white prints for your portfolio or exhibition, in this black and white darkroom photography course. Learn the entire process of developing film, to special print enhancement techniques to the presentation of your completed portfolio.

You’ll make contact sheets and enlargements using techniques that include dodging, burning, and contrast correction. You’ll also learn basic retouching and print mounting.


Strongly Recommended: Basic Photography (PHOT 003)

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