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I still have the first photography book I ever bought. I remember the time and place where I purchased it. It was a small how-to handbook on using a 35mm camera. It cost $7.99 and was filled with photos and photos of cameras.

That was 30 years ago, my passion for books and photography has never slowed down and today I have a great selection of over 700 titles.

Having travelled the world, I have also collected titles from various spots I have worked in. London, Paris, Tokyo, Berlin. Always looking for books I would not be able to find at home.

We are lucky here in Calgary as we have The Camera Store’s amazing book collection to purchase our photography books.

They now get titles we could never dream of getting in the box stores. Titles from Steidl, Mack Books, Radius Books, and a huge selection of collectables, that were once only a dream online.

My books get a lot of use. It’s a constant rotation that sits next to my bed for evening reading and studying. When the stack grows taller next to my bed, my wife jokes, “are there any books overdue from the library in there?” Meaning, put some back!

I have never bought books to “collect” them and watch them grow in value. Although a lot of the books I have purchased have grown in considerable value. My books are to be seen, used and loved.

My latest video from my A Larger Format YouTube channel is on books, specifically large format books, both technical and books photographed by large format photographers.

Going through my collection I discovered I have a treasure trove of books photographed by large format photographers. Those books seem to be at the top of my list these days.

In this crazy time of self isolation nothing beats curling away with a great photography book. Getting ideas how you might photograph your next project, or taking you on a far off journey.

One of the themes of this whole crazy world we live in right now is we are all in this together; indeed. That also means supporting one another and our local businesses here. The Camera Store is still here at this time, still open for curbside delivery and still has an amazing book selection to access.

I’m sure they can help you out with adding to your book collection, I know I will be adding to mine as well.

Shop The Camera Store books here, they’re 20% off plus they have free shipping!!

Todd Korol is a local photographer, educator and now has a channel dedicated to the larger formats of photography on YouTube. You can see his work at www.toddkorol or Instagram: @toddkorol and his latest video on Youtube:

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