Our New Favourite Lensbaby - Soft Focus II Optic

Lensbaby just announced Soft Focus II Optic. It’s a new-and-improved version of the most sought-after optics in Lensbaby’s Optic Swap System, the original Soft Focus optic. The update features a 12-blade manually adjustable internal aperture to its unique and versatile drop-in magnetic aperture system. When shot at its brightest aperture settings, the Soft Focus II creates an impressionistic image with subtle sharp details beneath. Rendering a soft colour palette at brighter apertures and producing a remarkably flat field of focus.

Stopped down to f/8 or darker, the Soft Focus II produces beautifully detailed, traditionally sharp images with a large central area of focus and out-of-focus edges on full-frame sensors and 35mm film. Quick variability of the optical effect from impressionistic and full of glow to contrasty and sharp is made possible by the internal12-blade aperture that is adjusted by turning the front of the optic.

Key Specs:
Focal Length: 50mm
Primary Effect: Soft Focus
Optic Swap Compatible: Yes
Aperture Range: f/2.5 – 22
internal aperture + drop-in magnetic aperture disk compatible
Minimum Focus Distance: 380mm (15.0in)
Focus Type: Manual

The Soft Focus II Optic is available for Nikon, Canon EF, or Sony mounts. And, if you own any of the Lensbaby Optic Swap systems including Composer Pro II, the optic can be purchased on its own. It is also compatible with all of Lensbaby’s Macro Accessories.

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