Nikon Z9 Firmware Update 5.0

The Nikon Z 9 just got its fourth major firmware update (version 5.00), loaded with exciting features! Sports photographers will love the expanded functions in Auto Capture and High-Speed Frame Capture. And for all you portrait enthusiasts, the enhancements in Skin Softening, Portrait Impression Balance, and Rich Tone Portrait Picture Control will take your image capture game to the next level. The Z 9 has generously upped its speed and efficiency, making it even easier to use. 

It is great to see Nikon continue to release new firmware updates. So, grab your Z9 and capture some amazing shots!

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Auto Capture remote shooting enhancements.

Set a start date, time, and duration to preserve battery life. Enjoy more frame rate options, including C15 and C60, capture in DX Crop Mode, and more.

Improved focus point visibility.

You can now increase the border thickness of your focus point to make it stand out clearly from your subject.

Improved flicker reduction.

Easily prevent banding from LED lights with four shutter-speed presets for the most common LED frequencies (Hz). Fine-tune and save each preset to match your venue.

More portrait features and Picture Controls.

With Portrait Impression Balance and Skin Softening, the Z 9 and NIKKOR Z lenses can produce even more Portrait power. Additionally, there are Picture Controls for Rich Tone Portrait, Flat Monochrome, and Deep Tone Monochrome.

Separate shooting banks for video.

Now, you can store your favourite video recording menu settings in their own shooting banks, totally separate from your photography settings. This allows you to recall resolution and frame rate combinations, RAW settings, file types, and more in an instant.

Enhanced AF accuracy with Profoto A10 Flashes.

The Profoto A10’s white LED light is a powerful AF-assist illuminator, ideal for capturing full-body portraits with faces at the edge of the frame. The firmware of the Profoto A10 must be updated to the latest version. Please refer to the Profoto website for details.

More functions for Fn buttons.

Customize your Photo, Video, and Playback modes with assignable functions for Focus Position, Skin Softening, Portrait Impression Balance, AF-Area Mode, Playback Speed, Retouch items (like RAW processing and Trim), and more.

Click here for the free download. 

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