Night Photography Workshops With Monika Deviat

Image by Amber Dawn Glover

Are you ready to become a better photographer with award-winning photographer Monika Deviat? Monika is offering two workshops, Milky Way March: Banff Photography Workshop 2022 and Women’s Night Photography Retreat, where you can get out and try new things, ask all your questions, and expand your night photography knowledge!

Milky Way March: Banff Photography Workshop 2022

From March 25-27, 2022, get out into the beautiful Banff National Park to develop your astrophotography skills! Monika will teach her tried and true techniques to capture stunning night photography. This workshop has limited space, giving you the opportunity to have one-on-one time with Monika so you can truly hone your skills.

For more information and to join this workshop, click here!

Women’s Night Photography Retreat

From March 15-19, 2023, join Monika in a unique, women-only retreat to Canada’s miraculous North West Territories to photograph the Aurora Borealis, an experience, unlike anything you have imagined! A truly immersive experience, this fly-in retreat will give you the best chance to shoot the Aurora Borealis and the night sky. Make connections with extraordinary women, get one-on-one time with Monika, and have the experience of a lifetime!

For more information and to join this workshop, click here!

We are also pleased to announce the two mentees from Monika’s Indigenous Mentorship Programs. A huge congratulations to Autumn Whiteway, who was chosen for the 2022 Indigenous Photographer Virtual Mentorship Program, an outstanding, year-long mentorship! And another huge congratulation to Amber Dawn Glover, who was chosen for the Indigenous Photographer Night Photography And Teaching Mentorship Program! Amber will also be attending Monika’s Milky Way March: Banff Photography Workshop and helping assist her Women’s Night Photography Retreat!

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