New Pentax Limited Series Lens

Ricoh has excitedly announced the launch of their newest, limited series, ultra-wide-angle, single-focus lens! The new Pentax D FA 21mm F2.4 ED Limited DC WR! Designed for Pentax’s K-mounted full-frame digital SLR cameras, this lens is the first D FA-series lens in the Pentax Limited Series lineup. Perfectly designed to optimize the visual characteristics of digital images, the Pentax D FA 21mm F2.4 ED Limited DC WR adds a new perspective of visual expression for the Limited series!

The PENTAX-D FA 21mm F2.4ED Limited DC WR is true to the Limited series design concept with solid, uniform image rendition across the image field and sharp, clear, high-resolution images, even at the edges. The lens also creates beautifully mild bokeh and defocused background with a sharp, crisp focus on the main subject.

The exceptional optics of the Pentax D FA 21mm F2.4 ED Limited DC WR comes from four ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass and one Super ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass optical element. This minimizes chromatic aberration and prevents colour bleeding, not only in the main in-focus area but also in the surrounding defocused areas. It also features a large-aperture negative meniscus optical element, a biconvex aspherical glass-mould optical element, and a high-refraction glass optical element in the first lens group. All of which reduces the overall size despite the ultra-wide-angle design, while delivering outstanding imaging performance for sharp, crisp images without fuzziness, even in the peripheral areas. To effectively minimize flare and ghosting, even in demanding lighting conditions, the lens has a high-grade, multi-layer coating that reduces the average reflectance in the visible spectrum to less than 50 percent.

To ensure high-precision exposure control, the Pentax D FA 21mm F2.4 ED Limited DC WR uses an electromagnetic diaphragm mechanism. It assures smooth, worry-free video shooting in locations prone to considerable brightness changes, such as a stage with rapidly changing lighting conditions, or a forest with filtering sun rays. It also has a dependable weather-resistant construction for demanding conditions. When paired with a weather-resistant digital SLR camera body, it becomes an airtight digital imaging system that performs superbly even in the most demanding shooting locations.

Additional features of the Pentax D FA 21mm F2.4 ED Limited DC WR:

  • SP (Super Protect) Coating keeps the lens front surface free of dust or stains
  • Built-in motor to drive the AF mechanism for smooth, quiet autofocus operation
  • Eight-blade circular diaphragm produces beautiful light beams with point light sources while creating a natural, beautiful bokeh (defocus) effect at open and larger apertures
  • QFS/A (Quick-Shift Focus System) for an instant shift to the manual-focus mode without requiring focus-mode switching operations, after the subject has been captured in focus by the camera’s autofocus system

Click here for more information on the Pentax D FA 21mm F2.4 ED Limited DC WR and to pre-order!

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