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At the Celebration of Photography in Wetzlar, Germany, Leica Camera announced the release of the Leica Q2 Reporter Edition! The Leica Q2 Reporter is beautifully crafted with Leica’s long-standing quality, robust exterior and discreet appearance. Specifically designed for the challenges of photographic reporting, it is the perfect pairing for press and reportage photographers. With a ‘body armour’ made of Kevlar®, along with subtle and stunning details, the Leica Q2 Reporter is everything you love about the Leica Q2 but with exquisite Reporter features!

The Leica Q2 Reporter takes the integral design of the Q2 and enhances it with a deliberate discreet appearance and robustness. The Leica Q2 Reporter allows photographers to work without drawing undue attention. With both the Leica dot on the front and the engraving on the top plate consciously omitted, it gives the Leica Q2 Reporter an inconspicuous look.

Another important design element of the Leica Q2 Reporter is its ‘body armour’ made of Kevlar®! This synthetic material, known for its exceptional resilience, envelops the Leica Q2 Reporter, giving it its durable finish and unique look. The Kevlar® provides excellent grip, as well as resistance to chemical and thermal hazards. Over time, the Kevlar® fabric will change colour with exposure to natural UV rays until it matches the dark green, highly scratch-resistant finish. In addition to these traits, the Leica Q2 Reporter offers the same level of protection against dust and water infiltration as the original Leica Q2.

Furthermore, a Monochrom variant of the Q2 Reporter, equipped with an exclusively black and white sensor, will be made available in March 2022.

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Leica Q2 Reporter Edition

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