New & Improved Lensbaby Double Glass II Optic

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Over a decade ago, Lensbaby’s Double Glass was one of their most popular optics. Excitedly, Lensbaby has announced the launch of the new and improved Lensbaby Double Glass II Optic! Available as a stand-alone optic, as well as in a Composer Pro II across all SLR and Mirrorless mounts, everyone can enjoy the freedom and creativity of Lensbaby’s newest optic!

The Lensbaby Double Glass II Optic features an aperture range from f2.5 to f22 with an all-metal construction and a 12-blade manually adjustable internal aperture to its unique and versatile drop-in magnetic aperture system. Nine specialty drop-in magnetic aperture disks ship with the Double Glass II optic, including a five-pointed star, a heart and another seven drop-in apertures developed by visual artists in the Lensbaby community. When images shot with these uniquely shaped drop-in apertures contain out-of-focus points of light those points of light are rendered in the shape of the aperture.

When shot at its brightest aperture setting of f2.5, the Double Glass II creates a tiny sharp spot of focus with increasing blur away from that spot. This optic, combined with the shaped apertures, creates images that are impossible to achieve with any other lens besides the original Double Glass optic. Stopped down to f4 or darker, the Double Glass II produces an increasingly large sweet spot of focus for the user to portray the subject as the user envisions. Quick variability of the optical effect from impressionistic with mostly blur to a very large sweet spot with just a little bit of blur is made possible by the internal 12-blade aperture which is adjusted by turning the front of the optic. Lensbaby’s Double Glass II optic is also compatible with all Optic Swap macro accessories including Lensbaby’s 46mm Macro Filter Kit and Macro Converters.

Click here for more information and to pre-order the Lensbaby Double Glass II Optic!

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