New Godox Virso Microphone

Godox has excitedly announced the innovative 2.4GHz wireless microphone, Godox Virso! The Virso comes in many variations, with the Virso S (Sony version) being the first cable-free, non-Sony brand microphone with hot shoe connection for Sony cameras. This excellent microphone is cableless and super handy, with an ultra-long battery life for your all-day creations, making it ideal for three-people interviews, vlogs, commentaries, or documentaries. 

The Virso S (Sony version) is the ultimate audio solution, featuring an innovative hotshoe mount that can slide directly onto the Multi Interface shoe of Sony cameras. It allows for a more stable connection and superior audio quality that goes beyond what traditional 3.5mm cable connections have to offer.

Equipped with built-in microphones in both the transmitter and receiver, the Virso enables you to capture high-quality audio of up to three people without an extra transmitter. The wireless system ensures high-quality audio recording with a 200m (650 ft) extended transmission distance. The Virso is perfect for outdoor shoots and large spaces, interviews, vlogs, commentaries, or documentaries, offering flexibility in camera positioning and capturing desired audio.

Record as long and as much as you like with the Virso's extended battery life and Micro SD card slot. With up to 13 hours of operation for the transmitter and 17 hours for the receiver on a single charge, plus a Micro SD card slot that allows up to 256GB space for 400 hours of ultra-long backup recording, you'll never have to worry!

For more information and to pre-order the Virso and all it's variations, click here!

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