New Flagship OM SYSTEM OM-1 Mark II is Here

A new adventure is coming our way in the form of a Micro Four Thirds System standard-compliant interchangeable lens camera! Get excited for the new flagship OM SYSTEM OM-1 Mark II. Boasting the world’s first Live GND (Graduated ND) photography function, this groundbreaking feature, in conjunction with blazing fast speeds, unparalleled computational capabilities and tactile usability, is expanding creative possibilities. The OM-1 Mark II is a true wonder of outdoor photography equipment and is ready to perform wherever your next adventure takes you!

The OM-1 Mark II provides users with high-quality images thanks to a stacked BSI Live MOS sensor and TruePic X image processor. Integrating a cutting-edge 20-megapixel stacked BSI Live MOS sensor alongside the advanced TruePic X image processor, the OM-1 Mark II delivers the highest-quality images ever produced by an OM SYSTEM camera. The enhanced AWB algorithm delivers vivid colour reproduction even in challenging lighting conditions, ensuring precise colour tones for stunning photographs. The powerful, 5-axis in-body image stabilization improves compensation up to 8.5 steps with the body alone, as well as 5-axis sync IS5, allowing users to capture steady shots while maintaining agility and mobility.

The OM-1 Mark II is the first in the world to enable users to control half ND filter effects while simultaneously reviewing GND steps and respective types. The groundbreaking Live GND (Graduated ND) shooting function utilizes computational photography to replicate the effects of using a half ND, accurately controlling brightness and darkness within the image to create stunning output. Through Live GND shooting, users can seamlessly adjust filter steps (GND2, GND4, or GND8) and types (Soft, Medium, or Hard) in real-time through the EVF or rear LCD. Without the need for physical filters attached to the lens, this feature enables photographers to leverage half ND effects, even with lenses lacking filter threads, significantly expanding creative expression in genres such as landscape photography. Elevating capabilities further, the OM-1 Mark II enhances the upper limit for step numbers in the popular Live ND shooting to ND128, allowing the camera to handle scenarios requiring larger step numbers.

Feel the power in your hands with the incredible imaging capabilities of the OM-1 Mark II. Functions like the approximately 50M Handheld High Res Shot and approximately 80M Tripod High Res Shot generate high-resolution images that surpass sensor limitations by merging multiple images and reducing noise by nearly two ISO sensitivity steps. They enable RAW recording at 14 bits for exquisite high-resolution shots. Complementing these features are convenient computational photography functions such as Live Composite, selectively illuminating brightened areas, and Focus Stacking, controlling the depth of field for precise subject focus and depth of field.

The OM-1 Mark II's advanced AI Detection AF has been enhanced to recognize an extensive array of subjects, including humans, formula racing cars, motorcycles, airplanes, helicopters, trains, birds, and common animals such as dogs and cats. This integration seamlessly enhances the well-established Face Priority / Eye Priority AF, significantly refining autofocus capabilities. It excels in accurately identifying subjects, even when individuals are in profile, facing away, or obscured by hidden facial features. The AI Detection AF harnesses the rapid computational prowess of the TruePic X image processor, providing instantaneous real-time detection of subjects’ movements. It accurately tracks subjects within the frame, ensuring they remain in focus without any loss, and extends its capability to follow intricate details like driver’s helmets or the eyes of birds and other animals, something not possible with human operation. It offers the capability to detect and track up to eight subjects, granting users the flexibility to select their preferred target for creating compelling images.

Never miss a fleeting moment with high-speed sequential shooting at up to 120 fps during AF/AE lock and approximately 50 fps during AF/AE tracking. The OM-1 Mark II also features Pro Capture, initiating recording at the halfway press of the shutter button (1st release), recording and storing previous frames from the moment the shutter button is fully pressed (2nd release). Equipped with expanded buffer memory, the OM-1 Mark II allows retrospective capture of approximately 99 in Pro Capture mode, an increase from the predecessor OM-1’s 70 frames. In sequential shooting, the OM-1 Mark II can capture approximately 219 frames in JPEG format or 213 frames in RAW shooting at approximately 120 fps, a dramatic improvement.

Even in the most demanding environments, the OM-1 Mark II is reliable. Featuring a robust, lightweight magnesium alloy body and providing IP53-class dustproof and splashproof performance, the construction ensures dependable operation even in harsh conditions, maintaining functionality in temperatures as low as -10°C, allowing shooting in the most demanding environments. The viewfinder is a 5.76 million dot organic EL (OLED), offering high resolution and an easy-to-see viewfinder magnification of 0.83x, a minimal display delay of 0.005 seconds, and a high-speed display performance of 120 fps. This delivers clarity akin to an optical viewfinder while allowing users to view subjects even in low-light scenarios and preview the image before activating the shutter, characteristic advantages of electronic viewfinders. Additionally, it features an anti-fogging coating that prevents fog formation, ensuring a clear field of view, even when shooting in rainy conditions.

Other features of the OM-1 Mark II include:

  • Enhanced right-hand menu usability by assigning the trash barrel button as a menu shortcut, particularly beneficial when using a telephoto lens.
  • AF/AE tracking high-speed sequential shooting (SH2) settings now include options for 12.5 fps and 16.7 fps.
  • When shooting continuously at 25 fps or lower, the minimum shutter speed is set at 1/160 sec.
  • Improved finger grip on dial surfaces utilizing elastomer processes.
  • Compatibility with UVC (USB Video Class) / UAC (USB Audio Class), allowing seamless connection to a PC for use as a webcam.
  • Offers support for convenient vertical video capture, ideal for social media platforms and similar applications.
  • A reliable dust reduction system prevents the accumulation of dust particles, either from internal components or during lens changes, on the image sensor surface. 

For more information and to pre-order the OM-1 Mark II, click here!

The OM SYSTEM OM-1 Mark II now begs the question, is it the best micro-four-thirds camera for outdoor photography and video? TCSTV's Dave and Evelyn took the OM-1 Mark II out for a spin to find out! Watch it below to see what they thought!

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