Jacquie Matechuk Wins Nature Photographer of the Year

Renowned photographer and dear friend of The Camera Store, Jacquie Matechuk, has won the Nature Photographer of the Year award from the Netherlands-based photography agency, Nature Talks! This prestigious award goes to her image, He Looks to the Heavens, which features a spectacled bear, a vulnerable species of bear, perched on a fig tree in Ecuador. Congratulations Jacquie, on this incredible achievement! 

In an interview with CBC, Jacquie tells the story of how she got this award-winning shot, on a day when it seemed like everything was going wrong. From racing down a mountain to make it to the bear's habitat area to unexpected changes in weather and her camera on the brink of not working, Jacquie narrowingly got the shot. Yet, it ended up that the photo was more beautiful and perfect than she could have ever tried! There is no doubt that Jacquie and her photo, He Looks to the Heavens, deserve this award. 

Congrats again, Jacquie! Everyone at The Camera Store is so happy for you!

To read Jacquie's interview with CBC, click here!