Interview With Sidney Diongzon - Rode Wireless GO II

We had the opportunity to interview Sidney Diongzon, a filmmaker who knows a thing or two about audio, on the new Rode Wireless GO II. The first generation of Rode Wireless GO was a huge hit and a popular choice amongst filmmakers for its great quality, amazing portability and friendly price tag. With some major improvements in the GO II, we asked Sidney his thoughts on the new generation and how it compares to the original Wireless GO.

Describe what kind of work you do and how you’d use the wireless system for your work.

My of the work I do is produce filmmaking tutorials and camera gear reviews on YouTube. Often times when I need to film myself demonstrating a product, I’m usually far away from the camera and mic. For those scenes, I need to rely on a wireless mic to make sure that my audio is captured properly. Also, wireless mics are great to record audio whenever I need to screen record a video editing tutorial!

What do you like about the Rode Wireless set-up for your audio?

What I love about the Rode Wireless GO II is that it’s incredibly quick and easy to setup. Not only that, but the audio quality is fantastic making this system one of the best best-friendly wireless audio solutions for all filmmakers.

Why do you think Rode needed to release Wireless GO II over the original Wireless GO?

With every first gen product, an improved second gen product is always inevitable. The original Wireless GO made it possible for filmmakers to own a wireless audio system without breaking the bank. Sure, it wasn’t perfect by any means, but at least the option was there. Now, with the addition of a second transmitter and new features like on-board audio recording, the Wireless GO II makes it more appealing to own for any filmmaker

Are there any basic design features you wish they changed?

While the Wireless GO II is a great wireless audio system, the only basic design feature I wish they would add is a lock twist for the 3.5mm mic jack. Many of the higher-end wireless transmitters have this feature to prevent lav mics from being accidentally disconnected. It’d be a great addition especially for filmmakers that like to use higher-end lav mics with the lock twist.

Are you glad they added the extra transmitter?

YES! With the addition of a second transmitter, it makes filming interviews with multiple people a whole lot easier. Also, it’s great to have that extra transmitter just in case you lose one on accident (totally not speaking from experience!)

In what ways do you feel the GO II is better than the original? Are the upgrades/the additional transmitter worth the extra cost?

While all the new features of the Wireless GO II are amazing, I feel like the on-board audio recording feature alone is well worth the upgrade. Sure, there are other wireless systems that do the same, but not at this compact size and friendly usability that Rode offers.

Is the audio quality up to your standards?

So far, I’ve been impressed with the audio quality of the Wireless GO II. I especially love that I can set the audio quality to record at a broadcast standard on the transmitters, and then later export them as high-quality wav files from the Rode Central app. This makes it ideal for filmmakers like me who want the assurance that their audio is clean. Sure, it may not support 32-bit float (at least not yet), but Rode is heading in the right direction with the Wireless GO II.

Who is this system a good option for?

For a budget-friendly, easy-to-use wireless audio system, the Rode Wireless GO II is a great option for YouTubers, wedding filmmakers, documentary filmmakers, and really any filmmaker on a budget.

Would you recommend the Rode Wireless GO II to other videographers?

With all the new features, compact size, and friendly usability of the Wireless GO II, I would absolutely recommend this to all videographers!

Well, there you have it! It’s safe to say that the Rode Wireless GO II is pretty fantastic and an excellent wireless audio option for videographers! For more information on the Rode Wireless GO II and to pre-order your own, click here!

Check out Sidney’s unboxing first impressions on the Rode Wireless GO II below!

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