Hasselblad Update for Phocus

Hasselblad has announced one of our favourite things, a firmware update! Update 3.7 is the latest update to Hasselblad’s image processing software, Phocus, which delivers an even richer post-production experience for your desktop. Alongside improved features that expand creative post-production options, Hasselblad is making it easier for you to express your visual and inspirational stories!

Phocus for desktop update 3.7 enhances Hasselblad’s own image processing software with improved features, including performance and Live View improvements, while also adding support for their new products.

With a major increase in processing speed, users will experience faster exports and a 100% view. In Live View, users will get a larger area detail view, focus point control, and focus peaking support for the X1D II and later. This release also includes support for the new X2D 100C camera and the XCD 38V, XCD 55V, and XCD 90V lenses.

For more information on Phocus Update 3.7, click here!

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