Hasselblad Heroines - Stephanie Blomkamp

For four years now, Hasselblad has proudly highlighted various female photographers as Hasselblad Heroines. These outstanding heroines are making their mark in the photographic industry and helping encourage the next generation of female photographers to go against the grain and bring their creative visions to life. Hasselblad’s sixth Heroine has been announced, and it is the talented Stephanie Blomkamp!

Stephanie Blomkamp is currently based in Cape Town, South Africa. As a busy creative, Stephanie is known for founding and editing high art photography magazine Oath, curating exhibitions and mentoring fellow photographers. As well, she finds the time to take her own photos with her Hasselblad 503 CXI.

Stephanie has some invaluable insights about how to get your photography career going and how to get past self-doubt so you can stand out in a world which is amplifying more diverse voices than ever before!

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