Hasselblad Heroines - Aline Smithson

For four years now, Hasselblad has proudly highlighted various female photographers as Hasselblad Heroines. These outstanding heroines are making their mark in the photographic industry and helping encourage the next generation of female photographers to go against the grain and bring their creative visions to life. Hasselblad’s seventh Heroine has been announced, and it is the artistic Aline Smithson!

Aline Smithson grew up in the shadows of Hollywood, which gave her an early glimpse at artistic expression and the idea of the unreal. Naturally, she took the path into fine art photography. Aline has produced countless series, in both portraiture and fine art photography. Through her work, she hopes to evoke a sense of beauty, pathos, and joy, and with some projects, laughter.

Aline always works alone, without stylists or makeup artists, which gives her a unique outlook on the industry. She discusses this further in her interview with Hasselblad and with her role as a Hasselblad Heroine, Aline examines how she sees women getting more of the spotlight than ever before!

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