Easy All-In-One Streaming System

After a couple of weeks working from home, you may be tired of your webcam and computer microphone. If you want to take it up a notch in the easiest way possible, check out the Marantz Turret Streaming System for $399.

The Turret delivers a unique, easy-to-use solution that is ideal for streaming and podcasting in a very sturdy package. The Turret has a full HD webcam, a high-quality condenser microphone with a pop filter, and an LED light ring, daylight-balanced, with both cool and warm filter accessories.

Features include:

  • All-in-one, freestanding broadcasting system
  • Full HD webcam with H.264 video compression
  • High-quality USB condenser microphone (48kHz/16-bit) with pop filter
  • Dimmable LED light ring / daylight-balanced with cool, warm and diffusion
  • Filter accessories
  • USB-C output to computer for high-speed, low-latency
  • Internal USB hub
  • Headphone amplifier

We also carry the lower-profile Marantz AVS Broadcast Streaming System for $269, which offers the same full HD camera and an LED light. The main difference is the microphone type and placement. The microphone on this unit is a 48kHz/16-bit USB condenser boundary microphone conveniently integrated into the base of the unit. It will still provide better audio compared to most built-in computer mics and is great for a tabletop set-up since it has a smaller, lighter footprint. But, the Marantz Turret Streaming System will offer the best quality audio overall.

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