Panasonic S5IIX

We embarked on a fly-fishing adventure with Chris Niccolls to test out the video capabilities of the Panasonic S5IIX for our latest Youtube review for The Camera Store. Follow along as we explore the Panasonic S5IIX’s unique video features while convincing Chris to take a day off from PetaPixel to fish the Bow River.

What We filmed

We had all the gear necessary for a great shooting day – the Panasonic S5IIX camera with an 18mm Lumix S F1.8 lens, a Go Pro 11 Black, and a DJI Mini Pro 3 drone flown by Drew’s friend Maxwell to capture the stunning landscape from the air.

My husband Jordan Drake (the videographer for PetaPixel – formerly DPReview TV & TCSTV) tends to be less enthusiastic about filming fly fishing with his partner Chris. It’s just not his thing. Chris jumped at the opportunity to spend the morning with us on the river to help us show off the Panasonic S5IIX’s video capabilities. If you thought he could talk about cameras non-stop, just spend a few minutes on the side of a trout-filled river with him talking about casting, rods, and fly ties.

The Camera In Action

When we took the Panasonic S5IIX out into the field, we were impressed by its versatility and performance! This camera is perfect for videography with pro video features, assist tools and an impressive autofocus system. It also has active cooling and is designed to capture video in a wide range of settings including the ability to output Pro Res Raw or BRaw with an external recorder. We were all excited to test out the capabilities of this video-centric mirrorless camera.

The newly developed 24.2-megapixel 35mm full-frame CMOS sensor and imaging engine provide high-quality footage that is both sharp and detailed. Drew was particularly impressed with the all-intra recording feature, which made for smoother playback and better colour grading options.

Our Results

After spending a day on the river with Chris, we are happy to report that the Panasonic S5IIX proved to be an impressive video camera. The camera’s autofocus and stabilization features were impressive compared to the previous full-frame models from Panasonic. Even with Chris moving around and casting his line in the river, the camera kept him in focus and delivered steady footage.

Another feature we appreciated was the camera’s ability to shoot in slow motion. This allowed us to capture the details of the fly fishing experience in what we think is a unique and captivating way. Overall, we were happy with our results with the Panasonic S5IIX. As a videography and camera retailer, The Camera Store tests gear to offer our customers the best options and advice. We are confident that the Panasonic S5IIX is an excellent choice for videographers looking to up their game.

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