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Some of the best inspiration is hearing the inspiration behind other creatives. Defend the Darkroom is a podcast all about inspiration, desire, drive and creativity! Talking with different photographers and creatives each month, Defend the Darkroom host, Paulette Michayluk, asks the question, why?. Versus always just talking about how photographers create their work, Paulette digs deeper to uncover the passion behind their work.

Defend the Darkroom currently has nine podcasts, with the latest June podcast now available! Here is some information on the three most recent Defend the Darkroom podcasts for you to check out!

Shin Sugino – June 19

“When Shin Sugino said that he was up for chatting with me – I was so excited. I knew he was wildly talented but his story makes that seem like an interesting side note. Shin’s story cannot be described as ordinary or dull – he has always challenged boundaries, continued learning and is always having fun. I look forward to seeing the work that comes out of his new darkroom!”

To listen to Defend the Darkroom with Shin Sugino, click here!

David Morrish – May 26

“David Morrish’s career is definitely unique – starting in architecture, moving into carpentry, then photography, throw in some print making all the while creating an epic collection of… things makes for a great story. I love how his every day is an exploration in creation.

In 2007, I attended a lecture by David Morrish at the University of Calgary. At that time, I was struggling with how to print images using alternative photographic printing techniques and here was a photogravure master! The passion and knowledge that he had gave me the courage to continue and hope that this crazy journey I was on was worth it.

Learning about his use of found object, the creation of a Wunderkammen, his love of creating narrative and an ever apparent sense of humour gave me so many great ideas for my own practice. I can’t wait to see where he goes next. I hope you enjoy our conversation.”

To listen to Defend the Darkroom with David Morrish, click here!

Sandy King – April 27

“It was a real pleasure to speak with Sandy King. Our conversation got me motivated to get creative and to start thinking about my photographic practice (or during this time of quarantine: stay inside, start reviewing my portfolio and thinking about what I need to learn to help my practice move forward). I hope that you enjoy our conversation and it helps motivates you to get creating.”

To listen to Defend the Darkroom with Sandy King, click here!

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