Current Supply and Shipping Challenges

As everyone across the globe has undoubtedly experienced in some way, 2020 has brought an incredible amount of challenges due to COVID-19. As an independent business in Calgary, we have carefully navigated a barrage of restrictions, and safety measures while maintaining the level of customer service we are known for.

On top of the localized challenges we face, additional factors within our global supply chain from factory closures to slowdowns have created many components and product shortages. Factories are simply not able to produce products at normal volumes. Distributors and transport companies are operating with lower staff levels, and supplier warehouses are bogged down, taking longer to receive and ship goods

Online shopping is currently at a level of volume not expected until 2025, transport companies do not have the infrastructure or personnel to keep up with these volumes of parcels.

Consequently, we are faced with a high level of uncertainty when it comes to product availability and arrivals. There is currently no measurable way for us to determine shipping times. Some shipments are arriving quicker than expected, while others are unusually delayed without a specific explanation.

Please know that we are doing our best during this difficult time to provide you with the information and products you need. While we may not have all the answers today, we will continue to do our best to serve you, while protecting the health and safety of our staff and customers.

Thank you for supporting us through this. As a Canadian independent business, it’s customers like you that will help us overcome these challenges.