Conference + Chill Virtual Photo Gathering: OUTDOOR EDITION!

Conference + Chill: The Virtual Photo Gathering, is a place for all genres of photography to meet, blend, and explore. In this specific Outdoor Edition, you’ll get to listen, learn and interact with some phenomenal outdoor photographers! The conference is coming up super fast! This Saturday, November 15th to be exact. So hurry and get your ticket because it’s time to be inspired!

If you love outdoor photography, from landscapes to adventures and beyond, you have to sign up for Conference + Chill’s Outdoor Edition! With co-hosts Paul Zizka & Meghan Ward leading the epicness, they will kick off the day’s festivities, which includes discussions with Peter Mather, Angela Percival, Paul Zizka, Dave Brosha, Cliford Mervil and Irene Yee! There will also be swag bags, prizes and more during the day-long conference! To say you’re getting your money’s worth is a serious understatement!

This conference is available to any and all photographers! Just be ready for a day loaded with talent, knowledge, and just all-around good humans!

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