Capture One 21 For Apple M1 is Here

Capture One’s latest version, 14.2, now has native Apple M1 support! To keep up with the power of Apple’s next generation, Capture One worked hard to create software that runs seamlessly on the latest powerful Macs. Now Capture One 21 is ready to give you its fastest performance to keep up with your creativity!

To match the computer processing of the Apple M1, Capture One decided to completely rethink its software from the ground up. Version 14.2 will make importing photos with the new Advanced Importer up to 2x faster while making managing those assets in Catalogs and Albums 50% quicker. Brushing edits on with Style Brushes is smoother than ever on an M1 Mac, while you can edit with key tools like Crop and Rotate at twice the speed. As well, importing, generating previews, editing and processing will be up to 100% faster, giving you more time to get out and shoot!

“With our typical dedication to the craft, we brought together our deep understanding of photography post-processing, our powerful software and the Mac’s beautiful hardware, to deliver speed improvements for users of Capture One 21. And this is just the beginning. We’re incredibly excited for how we can continue to optimize Capture One for even greater performance, which will allow us to better serve image creators.” – Capture One

For more information on Capture One 21 and to download the latest version, click here!

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