Canon's Newest Full-Frame Ultra Wide-Angle Lens

A new full-frame ultra wide-angle lens is here from Canon! Designed for professional and serious enthusiast photographers, say hello to the new Canon RF 10-20mm F4 L IS STM! Opening the door to supreme full-frame visual possibilities, this new lens is giving users the opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

The Canon RF 10-20mm F4 L IS STM boasts the reputation for optical excellence associated with Canon L-series lenses, opening the door to supreme full-frame visual possibilities. Enhancing optical performance while maintaining a modern mirrorless lens design, providing professional video and still features for landscapes, cityscapes, architecture, real estate and weddings.

Key Features of the Canon RF 10-20mm F4 L IS STM:

  • New Image Stabilization (IS) technology, to help minimize wide-angle “fluttering” at outer areas of the frame
  • Impressively compact size and lightweight (570g/1.25lbs) at half the weight of EF series 11-24mm f/4 L lens
  • Super quiet Canon STM focus drive motor, which is ideal for video and marks the first time this technology appears in a Canon L-series lens
  • Built-in lens hood and lens function button on the barrel for customizing functions such as AF settings, Pre-Recording, Zebras and more. 

For more information and to pre-order the Canon RF 10-20mm F4 L IS STM, click here!

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