Canon's Small, Light, and Fast 50mm RF F1.8 Lens!

Have you seen Dave's review of the high quality and surprisingly affordable Canon 50mm RF F1.8 Lens? Currently on sale for $199, this small and lightweight lens has super a fast aperture and sets a new standard for affordable photography!

The compact and lightweight design of the lens is noticeable. Being only 160 grams and roughly 4cm long, the 50mm RF F1.8 takes up very little space. Although it’s small, the build quality is not compromised, with a metal lens mount. However, it is not weather-sealed.

We are pleased to see the performance of this lens hold up. Pairing it with the Canon EOS R5, Dave found that even at 1.8, the centre sharpness was quite impressive, despite some fading towards the edges. This 1.8 aperture allowed for the subject to pop from the background along with lots of low-light capabilities. The 50mm RF F1.8 also did a surprisingly good job at correcting for chromatic aberration.

Being a 50mm focal length, the 50mm RF F1.8 is a popular option because it is the same perspective as the human eye. Dave found this helpful as he walked around because it made it easy for him to visualize his shots. It also makes it an excellent option for street photographers, candid family photos and more, since it is easy to get the right perspective.

The 50mm RF F1.8 is an STM lens, which means it has Canon’s Stepper Motor technology. This STM motor makes the lens quick, smooth and quiet during operation. Dave found this impressive both when shooting stills and video.

Key Features:

  • Compact design – weighs 160g
  • Sharp and quiet focusing
  • Pleasing background separation – nice bokeh
  • 43mm filter thread
  • Budget-Friendly Price: $269

The Canon RF 50mm f1.8 STM is available for only $199! (Regular pice - $269).
Click here to purchase the Canon RF 50mm f1.8 STM on our website!

Watch Dave’s full TCSTV review of the Canon RF 50mm f1.8, below!

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