Canon Development Announcement - Canon EOS R1

Canon just dropped some exciting news about the development of the Canon EOS R1 - their latest, top-of-the-line, mirrorless camera. This will be the official flagship camera in the EOS R lineup, rocking an RF mount. It will be built for pros who need their gear to be top-notch, tough, and reliable. Canon's aiming to roll this out in 2024. Stay tuned! We will post updates and pricing as soon as more info becomes available. 

The EOS R1 will be all about bringing the newest Canon tech to the table. Inside the EOS R1, will include two image processors - the DIGIC Accelerator and DIGIC X - plus a brand-new CMOS sensor. The new image processing system will enable a large volume of data to be processed at high speeds and will deliver advancements in Canon’s Auto Focus system and other functions.

Thanks to deep learning tech, we are looking forward to seeing how well the new R1 will recognize and track subjects, even in the chaos of a sports game with lots happening. The AF 'Action Priority' mode promises to quickly figure out which player is in the middle of the action and focus on them, so photographers won't miss a big moment.

Canon has revolutionized the use of noise reduction technology, traditionally confined to computer software, by integrating it directly into the camera. This breakthrough allows users to capture even cleaner, more artistic shots, opening up a world of creative possibilities.

While Canon is rigorously testing the EOS R1 in real-world scenarios, we're already envisioning its potential to capture the thrill of major sports events. Canon also has announced that they are committed to expanding the EOS R SYSTEM with more innovative cameras and RF lenses, meeting the evolving needs of photographers and pushing the boundaries of photo and video culture.

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