Calgary Camera Club 2021/2022 Guest Speakers

One of the many perks of being a Calgary Camera Club member is you get to see tons of outstanding Guest Speakers throughout the year! The Calgary Camera Club’s upcoming 2021/2022 Guest Speakers have been announced, with two overarching topics – The Snapshots Speaker Series and the In Focus Speaker Series – and let’s just say, the lineup looks very exciting!

First on the calendar is The Snapshots Speaker Series. This series focuses on individuals whose passion and love for photography showcase their unique personalities while learning about the different forms of photography they specialize in.

The Snapshots Speaker Series:

  • George Webber – September 16, 2021
    • Documentary Photographer
  • Dave Holland – November 10, 2021
    • High-Performance Photographer
  • Julya Hajnoczky – January 5, 2022
    • Still Life Photography
  • Dax Justin – April 6, 2022
    • Wildlife Conservation Photographer

Next is the In Focus Speaker Series. This series is centred around getting back to basics and putting Focus on your camera skills. These presentations will help you learn and polish your photography techniques.

In Focus Speaker Series:

  • David Hutchison – October 20, 2021
    • Topic: Long Exposure
  • Scott Dimond – December 8, 2021
    • Topic: Focal Lengths
  • Rick Ohnsman – February 16, 2022
    • Topic: Light and Color in Photography
  • Barry O’Corroll – March 9, 2022
    • Topic: Composition

For more information on each of these speakers, as well as the Calgary Camera Club, click here!

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