Announced: Firmware V2.0 for the Panasonic Lumix S1H!

Panasonic announced an exciting firmware update, firmware V2.0 for the Lumix S1H! Along with the usual bug fixes, this update also gives users the ability to shoot 5.9K ProRes Raw video! This enhancement to ProRes Raw, along with the other updates, will provide creatives will a lot more flexibility and freedom in their projects, while making the S1H even more amazing than before.

Starting with the expected upgrades, firmware V2.0 fixes a series of minor user interface and bus issues as well as some overall handling improvements. Now onto the fun stuff! Firmware V2.0 allows the S1H to output 5.9K or 4K Raw video data that can be captured as ProRes Raw when connected to an Atomos Ninja V recorder. The addition of Raw video gives editors more freedom in post-processing, similar to that of Raw photo editing.

This update couldn’t have come at a better time, with Apple’s recent release of version 1.0 beta of ProRes Raw for Windows. This added support to Adobe apps running on the Windows platform, including Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects, making it easier for shooters using either computer system to adopt the codec.

Firmware V2.0 allows for 5.9K 16:9 capture from the full width of the sensor at up to 30p or 4K 17:9 capture from a Super 35 region at up to 60p. There’s also a 4:3 option for anamorphic Super 35 shooting. All modes are based on 12-bit output.

Another distinction to Panasonic’s ProRes Raw is that it does not pixel skip to produce its Raw video data stream, unlike some competitors. Its viewfinder also continues to function when Raw data is being output, which will be an added benefit for anyone shooting hand-held footage.

The exciting new Firmware V2.0 for the S1H will be available starting May 25th at Lumix Customer Support.

To read the full press release, click here!

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