A Tribute To Tyre Nichols

Today was the funeral of Tyre Nichols, a young, talented photographer that was taken from us too soon. As creatives, we share a connection, a passion, for sharing the world not only through our eyes but through our lens. When one of us is lost, we all feel it. We are a community that spans the world, connected by our cameras. Tyre will forever be one of us, with the burning desire to share his world with us, through his unique, creative eye. A creative spirit that should still be here, sharing his story. Tyre, you were taken too soon.

Hey guys,

My name is Tyre D. Nichols. I am an aspiring photographer. Well I mostly do this stuff for fun but i enjoy it very much. Photography helps me look at the world in a more creative way. It expresses me in ways i cannot write down for people. I take different types of photography, anywhere from action sports to rural photos, to bodies of water and my favorite.. landscape photography. My vision is to bring my viewers deep into what i am seeing through my eye and out through my lens. People have a story to tell why not capture it instead of doing the “norm” and writing it down or speaking it. I hope to one day let people see what i see and to hopefully admire my work based on the quality and ideals of my work. So on that note enjoy my page and let me know what you think.

Your friend,
-Tyre D. Nichols

Tyre, your photography and story will live on through us. You will continue to inspire creatives of all walks of life to express themselves in this medium we all love so deeply. May you find peace in paradise, camera in hand, taking photos of all kinds of beautiful landscapes that we could only dream of.

Tyre Deandre Nichols – June 5, 1993 – January 10, 2023

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