A New Legacy - Harman Phoenix Film

In a world where the love of film photography is catching like wildfire, finding high-quality film is a tricky feat. But emerging from the ashes is the mystical, limited edition Harman Phoenix Film! As its name suggests, Harman Phoenix Film symbolizes hope, rebirth and transformation, which is very fitting as the newest ISO 200 colour negative film to hit the market. Accentuating a real ‘analogue’ look and feel with dynamic colour and originality, there is a reason why Harman Phoenix Film will become your go-to choice for capturing stunning photographs.

Harman Phoenix Film proudly wears the title of the first-ever colour film made entirely from emulsion to cassette at the HARMAN technology factory in Mobberley, UK. Delightfully quirky, Harman Phoenix is an experimental film that creates beautifully high-contrast images with strong, visible grain and punchy, vibrant colours. 

The unique aesthetic of Harman Phoenix Film is what makes it so phenomenal, but with a DX-coded cassette and a box speed of ISO 200, Harman Phoenix does best with good, consistent light. However, don't be afraid to play! Embrace the unexpected with Harman Phoenix's uniquely coloured negatives, striking halation effects around bright light sources and potential coating anomalies. This is what makes this film so surprisingly imaginative! 

Harman Phoenix Film comes with 36 exposures and is suitable for all 35mm film cameras. It can be processed at home using a C41 kit or sent to any lab that offers C41 colour film processing. Now it's time to unleash your passion because Harman Phoenix Film is more than just filmit's your creativity brought to life! 

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