Sony FDR-AX43 Handycam

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Delivering superb solutions for content creators and videographers

With Balanced Optical SteadyShot™ to rival gimbal systems, high-resolution 4K movie recording, and high-quality sound with a unique mic, this Handycam® puts professional production and simple movie sharing within anyone's grasp.

Extra-steady shooting on the move

Stable while walking

The unique Balanced Optical SteadyShot stabilizer, with internal gimbal mechanism, is about 13 times more effective than other optical systems3, allowing shake-free shooting while walking4.

Stable even while running

The Balanced Optical SteadyShot internal gimbal mechanism and image processing algorithm deliver such stable shooting that you can even shoot steady movies while running.

Stable at full zoom

The stability delivered by the gimbal and algorithm of Balanced Optical SteadyShot allows you to shoot steady movies even at full zoom, where camera shake is most visible.

The brilliant true-to-life quality of 4K

The latest-generation lens and image sensor enhance the spectacular detail of 4K resolution5, with increased sensitivity for capturing high-quality movies in low light. High-bitrate recording6 in XAVC S format clearly captures even fast-moving and complex scenes.

ZEISS® 20x zoom 4K-compatible lens

The ZEISS® Vario-Sonnar T* lens has a widest angle of 26.8 mm7, allowing more of a subject to fit in the frame. Capture a wide variety of scenes with the 20x optical zoom (26.8–536.0 mm; 16:9 mode), plus 30x (4K)8 or 40x (HD) Clear Image Zoom and 250x digital zoom 9

Exmor R™ CMOS sensor and BIONZ X™ image processing engine

The Exmor R CMOS sensor enhances image clarity, reduces noise in dark environments, and enables soft background defocusing, while the BIONZ X image processing engine achieves more naturally vivid and lifelike images and faster processing.

See 4K movies in HD on non-4K devices

Super-sampled Full HD Playback on non-4K TV or device

4K movies automatically down-convert to Full HD to play on an HD TV.

Trimming Playback trims movie frame on TV at a touch

Trace a finger on the LCD to trim the frame of a 4K movie playing on TV in Full HD.

Fast Intelligent AF speeds up smartly

The AF algorithm optimizes communication between the lens and image processor for extra-fast AF, while a state-of-the-art AF range prediction system helps ensure even moving subjects remain in sharp focus.

Great sound, less noise

Three mic capsules capture clear sound and reduce noise, enabling high-quality recording of sound with clear stereo separation.

Ideal for content creators and videographers

Shoot selfies, high- and low-position shots at will

Create the perfect vlogging setup with an optional shooting grip or microphone. The tilting LCD and grip make selfies, high- and low-position shots easy.

LCD touch control

With all settings accessible right on the touch screen, operation is fast and simple.

Serious audio connectivity

Headphone and microphone jacks are provided, for premium audio connectivity.

Battery life

The AX43 uses a high-capacity battery to enable recording for long periods. Up to 235 mins10 continuous recording time with the supplied battery.

One-touch remote and one-touch sharing

Connect NFC-capable Android devices with a simple touch, for remote control, viewing and image transfer using the Imaging Edge Mobile app11. Easy manual pairing for iOS and other devices is also available.

Special effects, for high-impact movies

Highlight Movie Maker

Streamline your movie editing with Highlight Movie Maker. Add highlight points to key moments while recording, then let the camcorder automatically generate a finished 4K or HD movie—with transitions synced to your chosen soundtrack.

Fast frame rates, for slow-motion

With support for high framerate capture up to 120fps in Full HD, you can create slow-motion recordings, elevating every movement in startling detail.

See times change with 4K time-lapse movies

With Time-lapse Capture, shoot stills of a scene over a period of time with a chosen interval between shots. The resulting images can be combined in 4K high resolution into a time-lapse movie on a PC, or viewed with a simple variable-speed preview function on the camera.


1Reseller price may vary.
2When "SteadyShot" is set to "Standard" or "Off".
3When "SteadyShot" is set to "Active" or "Intelligent Active".
4The factory setting is "Off". Digital zoom ratio includes optical zoom ration.
5Backlight brightness will automatically be set "Bright" when connected to AC adapter.
6the same as Guide Flame
7Not supported at XAVC S 4K
8Not available in the 4K Recording mode with Dual Video Recording
9With Optional Flash Accessory
10Bitrate is described by average bitrate (including movie, sounds and others).
11Not available in 100 Mbps Movie Recording Rate.
12Not available in the recording mode PS (60p/50p), FX (24p/25p/60i/50i) and FH (24p/25p)
13Video Mode is XAVC S HD or 4K.
14Video Mode is AVCHD.
15Video Mode is MP4.
16Only record movie
17PlayMemories Home Ver. 4.1 or later is required.
18Available only in AVCHD or XAVC S HD or MP4
19(Configuration method/Access method) WPS or manually/infrastructure mode. When connecting to smartphones, the camera can always work as a base without a wireless access point. (Security: WEP/WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK)
20Output only
21Supports Micro USB compatible device.
22Except for NP-FV30
23Recording mode and media are default settings.
24When using supplied AC adapter. When the AC adapter is not supplied, using USB charging.
25Including the projecting parts
26Including lens hood if it is supplied
27Including a battery pack and a media unit (if a lens hood is supplied, this is also included).
28The numbers in ( ) are the supplied quantity
29Sony internal measurement.
30Compared to FDR-AX/P3x series.
31When SteadyShot is set to Standard or Off.
32Not available in the 4K Recording mode with Dual Video Recording.
33Not available in the recording mode PS (60p/50p), FX (24p/25p/60i/50i) and FH (24p/25p).
34Available only in AVCHD.
35Minimum trimming size is 1920 x 1080.
36Requires SDXC/SDHC memory card UHS-I U3 or higher for XAVC S 4K 100 Mbps recording, and SDXC/SDHC memory card Class 10 or higher for XAVCS 4K 60 Mpbs and XAVCS HD 50 Mbps recording.
37Recording in 5.1ch is available in AVCHD only.
38Available only in AVCHD or XAVC S HD or MP4.
39Not available in AVCHD PS mode and XAVC S HD 60p/50p (NTSC/PAL) mode.
40A successor application of PlayMemories Mobile™. Existing PlayMemories Mobile users can use this by updating PlayMemories Mobile.

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