SmallRig Swivel & Tilt Monitor Mount with Arri Locating Pins


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SmallRig Swivel and Tilt Monitor Mount with Arri Locating Pins BSE2348 is designed to hold your monitor onto the camera cage or other mounting system features arri 3/8”locating hole. It features arri 3/8”locating pins on the bottom and 1/4”-20 screw on the top for monitor, light or microphone.The holder enables to swivel 360° sideways and tilt 170° which allows to hold your monitor onto any position without using tools. The robust mount is CNC-Machined Aluminum and can support 5”and 7”monitor up to 1.2kg, for vertical (90°) payload, it can hold accessories up to 2.5kg. The top features rubber pad to protect your monitor and light from scratching. The thumbscrew features holes for hex spanner to secure it tight and ensure your monitor safe.

  • Supports 5”and 7” Monitor up to 1.2kg
  • Swivel 360° and Tilt 170° with Free-Stop in Any Position.
  • Features holes on Thumbscrews for Hex Spanner
  • Rubber Pad on the Top to Prevent Scratching
  • Arri Locating Pins on the Bottom to Prevent Twisting

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