Ricoh Theta Z1 360° Camera

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The Pentax Ricoh Theta Z1 records natural 360° images through still image shooting and highly accurate image stitching, and also produces incredibly realistic spherical video in 4K (3840 x 1920, 29.97fps) quality. It supports 360° live streaming in 4K and allows you to transmit excellent quality real-looking images to the world. Use dedicated apps to easily share your work from anywhere. The Z1 is designed with an upgraded lens unit which reduces ghosting, flare and purple fringe. Its aperture mechanism allows for the selection of F2.1, F3.5 and F5.6. By closing down the aperture, higher resolution is achieved. Equipped with a 4-channel microphone built into the camera, the Z1 can independently record sound from 4 different directions when shooting video. The Theta Z1 is the perfect companion for sharing stunning interactive experiences from anywhere you go!

  • 23MP resolution 360-degree still images using a large sensor and a new type of lens unit The camera is equipped with 2, 1. 0-Inch back-illuminated CMOS Image Sensor, one of the largest for consumer 360-degree cameras. It incorporates two units that can support about 20M effective pixels, achieving high-resolution 360-degree images equivalent to about 23M still image output pixels. Moreover, it supports the best of ISO6400 high-sensitivity shots, showing its strength in night and dark indoor shots. The lens unit uses Ricoh original tri-fold structure technology, allowing for a slim body of just 24mm despite the large image sensor.
  • Renewed the image processing algorithm achieved to get low- and high-sensitivity, low-noise, and high-resolution images. Moreover, dynamic Range (Dry) compensation is automatically made for normal shooting, effectively reducing blown out and pitch-black shadows for outdoor locations with brightness contrast. The camera offers a range of shooting modes, including HDR Rendering, Interval composite shooting that can be Used to record star trails, and multi-bracket shooting that can take continuous shots with up to 19 settings.
  • High-quality 4K 360-degree videos using the latest image stabilization technology. The camera has added 3-axis rotational stabilization while shooting videos to show superior image stabilization. This makes it possible to shoot high-resolution, smooth 360-degree videos in 3840 x 1920 pixels, equivalent to 4K size, and 30 FPS (frames per second). aperture-priority automatic exposure (AV), shutter-priority automatic exposure (TV), is sensitivity automatic exposure (is), and manual (M) have also been added to the exposure settings, allowing for more meticulous video settings.
  • Superior scalability through updates and plug-ins. Following on from the Ricoh THETA V, The camera uses Qualcomm’s snapdragons and an Android-based operating system. Firmware updates facilitate continuous functional expansions and performance improvements.
  • Support for raw File Format, increasing the joy of editing. In addition to the existing Jpeg Format, raw (Adobe DNR) and JPEG files can be saved in the camera. Ricoh THETA stitchery, an application for stitching in Adobe Photoshop light room Classic cc, will be provided free. After processing files recorded as raw, the plug-in can be Used to generate spherical images in which the seams are invisible. Details about Zenith corrections, directional corrections, and stitch distance setting can be freely changed. As with a general SLR camera, users can enjoy professional editing of hues and image quality.

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