Olympus OM-D E-M1X with M.Zuiko 40-150mm f2.8 PRO

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When we first introduced our mirrorless OM-D camera family, we opened new possibilities for photographers everywhere. Today, the revolution continues with the OM-D E-M1X. It's a pro level camera with features designed to take your work to exciting new places. The E-M1X is packed with innovative tech, like world-leading image stabilization, AI-based Intelligent Subject Detection AF, and a handheld ultra-high resolution shooting mode. It’s all packaged in a compact, lightweight, weathersealed system that has the speed and accuracy you need to make quick work of challenging assignments. The E-M1X. Count on it to bring your very best vision and creativity to life.



When your camera system is as compact and lightweight as ours, an incredible thing happens: you can move around a lot easier.

The E-M1X and our M.Zuiko PRO lenses are designed on a groundbreaking mirrorless platform enabling us to build lighter, smaller cameras that pack powerful performance. Compared to flagship DSLR bodies and lenses, this system is half the size, half the weight, and a lot less bulky. The advantages? More mobility to get better shots. Unparalleled handheld shooting. Working longer without tiring. Stowing more gear in a smaller bag. Our full line of M.Zuiko PRO lenses deliver incredible imaging power in half the size of 35mm glass. It all adds up to a more creative shooting experience that lets you get more from every shoot.


Toss your rain cover out. The E-M1X is splashproof, dustproof and freezeproof so you can shoot without worry in harsh weather.

Concentrate on taking the perfect shot instead of protecting your camera from the elements. Thanks to sturdy magnesium alloy construction and an advanced system of seals, the E-M1X has best-in-class weather protection (tested to the IPX1 standard) – innovations successfully used in our durable Tough cameras. Each of the camera’s access points, including the SD card slots, are protected by a splashproof cover. A dustproof design means worry-free shooting on windy days at the beach or extreme environments. You can keep working even if temperatures plummet: the E-M1X is freezeproof down to 14°F / -10°C.


Feel more secure holding your camera. Shoot comfortably for hours with the help of a deep finger rest that works in both horizontal and vertical positions.

The E-M1X is built for comfort. It starts with an integrated vertical grip featuring a deep finger rest that feels secure and comfortable in your hand. Buttons and controls are strategically placed for both vertical and horizontal shooting – use the same finger motion to find the controls no matter how you hold the camera. Operate the camera without taking your eye off the viewfinder because buttons and controls are identifiable by touch. All button functions can be customized and the C-LOCK (custom lock) feature locks only the buttons you want and keeps the others active.


The E-M1X has 2 long life, high-capacity batteries that can be charged via USB cable in about 2 hours. The at-a-glance display lets you keep an eye on battery status.


Designed with input from top pros, the My Menu feature lets you instantly access up to 35 commands. Adding, removing or moving a command in your customized menu is as easy as pressing a button.


Shooting 4K video and capturing sequential shots at high speeds heat up a camera. An ingenious heat dissipation system keeps the E-M1X cool and fully functional.


The E-M1X is conveniently equipped with GPS, a barometer, a compass, and a temperature sensor. Sensor data is displayed in real time and recorded for easy image management – a helpful feature while shooting nature or wildlife.


  • 20.4 MP Live MOS Sensor with dual TruePic™ VIII Image Processors
  • 60 fps (S-AF), 18 fps (C-AF Tracking) Continuous Shooting with the silent electronic shutter
  • 121-Point All Cross-Type On-Chip Phase Detection plus Contrast Detection AF
  • Intelligent Subject Detection AF via AI-based Deep Learning Technology
  • Custom AF Target Mode plus 6 preset Target Modes
  • Magnesium Alloy Weathersealed Construction
  • 5-Axis Sync IS provides 7.5 EV stops of compensation, the World's Most Effective Stabilization performance
  • Hand-Held High-Res Shot Mode provides 50MP images with no stabilizing gear
  • Smooth Hand-Held 4K/C4K Video Capture
  • Live ND provides the effects of an ND filter without the need to use a filter
  • "B" Mode on the Mode Dial provides direct access to Live Composite/Live Bulb/Live Time
  • Integrated Vertical Grip
  • Multi-selector (Joystick) on both the vertical and horizontal shooting positions for quick selection of the AF area
  • Programmable function buttons and embedded control dials duplicated for both horizontal and vertical shooting positions
  • High-Speed Electronic Viewfinder with .83x magnification
  • Supersonic Wave Filter (SSWF) Dust Reduction System
  • Heat Dissipation System for consistent high performance operation
  • Double Battery Support for 2 BLH-1 Batteries.  USB Type-C in camera charging.
  • 400,000 Actuation Shutter Life
  • My Menu interface provides instant access for up to 35 menu items of your choice.
  • Pro Capture Mode provides lag-free capture
  • Dual Card Slots with UHS-II Compatibility
  • Field Sensor System (GPS, Manometer, Compass, Thermometer)
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE for remote shooting and wireless sharing

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