Marie Goslich

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Marie Goslich, born in Frankfurt on the Oder in 1859, initially worked as a detective and editor. This job title, which is found in the Berlin population index, would be considerable enough for a woman of her time. In order to be able to illustrate her reports independently, Goslich also learned the craft of photography at the age of 44 and became one of the first professional female photographers ever.

Part of her long-lost estate was rediscovered in 2008 in an inn in Geltow am Schwielowsee. About 400 glass negatives have survived the turmoil of two world wars to this day.

Goslich's works mainly illustrate social and social ills. In the numerous, sometimes radical articles she wrote and illustrated, she devoted herself to the causes of hardship and suffering. She repeatedly denounced the gap between rich and poor, portraying hikers, street vendors, beggars, rag-pickers and tinkers. Her empathy with the selected subjects is visible in every image, turning her photographs into very personal and moving shots.

The publication makes Goslich's work fully available for the first time 100 years after its creation and celebrates the photographer as a courageous pioneer and grande dame of German socially critical photojournalism.

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