Lensbaby Sol 45mm - Pentax K


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It’s as simple as Tilt. Focus. Shoot!

Sol is powerful yet intuitive, andeasy to use. Whether you’re a pro, an artist or just starting out –discover or rediscover your passion for in-camera creation with the Sol45.

Sol 45 is a 45mm fixed f/3.5selective focus lens that creates a tack-sharp circular area of focussurrounded by smooth blur and bold bokeh. Simply choose what you want toemphasize in the frame, bend the lens toward it, rotate the front-mostring to bring your subject into focus, and shoot.

Sol gives you the freedom to get lostin the process of creating. Unveil your unique take on the world bytilting the lens to isolate your subject, and capture intentional,personal and distinct images.

Sol’s tilt mechanism is designed toalways keep the area of focus within the frame, whether you are shootingon full frame or APS-C sensor cameras, making it even easier to capturemore keepers. Sol 45 also features a center-locking ability. Twistingthe lens into the lock position lets you know when your spot of focus isin the center of the frame.

For those looking for more in-cameracreative control, Sol 45 features two bokeh blades. These hinged bladesadd subtle lines and texture to the bokeh – ensuring that no two imageswill look the same. Simply bring the blades into the lens’s field ofview and then rotate them in any direction – horizontal, vertical ordiagonal.

Lightweight and compact, Sol is designed to be your go-to creative companion, no matter where your journey takes you.

Jump into Lensbaby and disrupt yourprocess. Inject your images and shooting experience with new energy.Fuel your passion with the Lensbaby Sol.

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