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Capture One (For Nikon) is only compatible with Nikon cameras and files.

The award-winning Capture One Pro makes it easier than ever to cover up spots, repair your photos, and track your changes. And it's simple to migrate your collections from other photo editors. With new tools, your photo editing just got even better.

The most recent update for Capture One Pro brings brand new heal and clone tools that reduce the need for external retouching applications while increasing efficiency, and a new Before & After Tool that gives new ways to check your editing progress and to compare your edits.

With user experience in mind, Capture One has also developed a new activation flow with new dialogues, sample images, and interface guidance that make it faster and easier than ever to become a Capture One user. In addition, the company has advanced its Lightroom Catalog importer, and together it not only makes it easier to start using Capture One, but easier to migrate without missing a step.

Beyond that, when it comes to Capture One, users have choice. There are currently a number of Capture One variants such as Capture One Fujifilm and Capture One (for Sony), and now the company is proud to deliver Capture One for Nikon. Similar to the other branded versions, Capture One for Nikon brings the full feature-set of Capture One Pro at a reduced cost to Nikon users.

Healing tool

Retouch portraits faster and automatically repair parts of your photo with the Healing tool. Simply brush over the element you want to cover up – and let the tool do the rest.

On-boarding dialogue

Get a step-by-step guide to designing your own interface as soon as you launch Capture One. And start by importing sample RAW files and a sample Catalog to get you up and running.

Before / After tool

Review your edits in one click with the new Before / After tool. Choose between the Full View and Split Screen Slider to instantly compare your edited image to the original RAW file.

Lightroom importer

It’s now easier than ever to import your Lightroom Catalog directly into Capture One. Your basic image adjustments and folder structures will be replicated in Capture One – without risking your original files.

Nikon Profiles (included in Capture One 20 Pro and Capture One for Nikon)

For selected Nikon camera models, get even more editing options with built-in Nikon profiles that match the colors in your camera. See supported models here.

Basic Colour Editor

Edit colours fast with a compact and intuitive Basic Colour Editor. Click anywhere on the photo and drag to adjust the hue, saturation, and lightness of any colour - or adjust colours with simple sliders.

Advanced Colour Editor

Get total control of colours with the Advanced Colour Editor. Define colour ranges to adjust hue, saturation, and lightness with complete precision.

True-to-life Colours

Get the best possible starting point for your editing. Capture One renders RAW files with true-to-life colours that are custom profiled to all major camera brands.

Colour Balance Tool

For precise colour grading, use the intuitive Colour Balance Tool to add colour tints and adjust luminosity individually for shadows, midtones, and highlights.

Skin Tone Editing

Create accurate skin tones without complex retouching thanks to the three Uniformity sliders for hue, saturation, and lightness. Apply these as a local adjustment for maximum control.

Black and White Tool

Control black and white conversion while minimizing the amount of introduced noise for a smooth result.

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