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The 44-inch imagePROGRAF PRO-4100printer is designed to exceed expectations for image quality and colourconsistency in a large format printer. The use of a 1.28-inch wide12-channel integrated compact print head, LUCIA PRO ink set plus ChromaOptimizer, a high-precision mechanical platform and the L-COA PROhigh-speed image processing engine achieves a balance betweenexceptional print quality and speed.

The imagePROGRAF PRO-4100has been designed to include intelligent technology for advanced mediahandling, increased security features, borderless printing and improvedoperational design.

Bring your prints to life with the imagePROGRAF PRO Series.

Intelligent Media Loading

Forthe first time ever, an imagePROGRAF printer can load and recognizepaper without the need for human intervention. Simply set the rollholder in the printer and let the media automatically feed into theprint. The built-in multi-sensor measures the surface reflection andthe media thickness to determine media type, without the need tomanually enter it.

Remaining Media Estimation

Accurately measure the remaining media on a roll, without the need to print a bar code - saving both ink and media!

New Operation Panel

Thelarge 4.3" LCD operation panel utilizes smart phone touch screentechnology for easy operation. The top three most-used commands: Load,Feed and Cut, now have their own buttons below the operation panel forease of use.

Enhanced Security

Developedwith advanced security features, including support of secure PINprinting to protect data and the ability to disable printing, increasingadministrative control of end-user printing.

TheLUCIA PRO ink set adopts 11-colour pigment inks and a Chroma Optimizer.Designed specifically to meet the demands of even the most criticalphotographer, the LUCIA PRO ink formulation includes microencapsulatedcolourants that enable smooth gradients, an expanded colour gamut, anddeeper colour expression. This system helps you achieve stunning colourreproduction, image clarity, and enhanced darker areas. A first forthe Canon large format printers is the addition of a Chroma Optimizer.Used when printing on glossy and semi-glossy paper, this acts as a clearcoat, improving colour performance and gloss characteristics enrichingthe dark areas of a print.

This ink set helps:
• Enhance gloss uniformity
• Improve scratch resistance
• Enhance dark area reproduction
• Reduce graininess

No Switching of Black Inks

ThePRO Series is designed to work seamlessly when changing media types.Matte black and Photo black inks have their own dedicated nozzles, so nomanual switching between ink tanks is necessary. You can print on fineart paper then glossy paper with no worries, no changes, and no waste.

PF-10 Print Head

ThePF-10, a 1.28”-wide print head with 18,432 nozzles equipped withanti-clogging FINE technology, generates fast print speeds whilereducing the possibility of clogging. Ink ejection conditions areprecisely checked by 27 sensors, and if a clog is detected, anothernozzle will provide back-up.

This print head is wider thanprevious imagePROGRAF print heads requiring models to only have oneinstead of two. Having only one print head means a more compact printerthat achieves faster print speeds while maintaining high print quality.

L-COA PRO High-Speed Image Processing Engine

TheimagePROGRAF printers are powered by the L-COA PRO high-speed imageprocessing engine. With three processing chips, this high-precisioncontrol engine performs the processing of massive image data, andcontrols the optimal ink layout that produces high resolution prints.

Colour Calibration

Thecolour calibration function is designed to produce consistent colourreproduction. This printer includes an upgraded, built-in colourdensitometer that offers precise calibration and colour matching. Using athree-colour LED and condenser lens the sensor enables accuraterecalibration of the device, allowing you to maintain a low averageprinter-to-printer colour difference. The colour calibration isfinished quickly after a few simple steps on the printer’s operationpanel. A single colour calibration performed with one type of media isused to make adjustments on the other Canon supported media.

Device Management Console

TheDevice Management Console software, ideal for fleet management, letsyou perform colour calibrations remotely. This software lets youmonitor the printer status of up to 50 units from any location in theworld, be notified via email when an error has occurred, or check theamount of ink left in the printers without ever having to leave thecomfort of your desk.

High Precision Mechanical Platform

Theunibody structure provides a strong platform for stable print headscanning, resulting in precise ink droplet placement. The perfectcombination of speed and high-quality printing is achieved with this newdesign.

Multifunction Roll System

Theoptional Multifunction Roll System, which also utilizes Canon's newintelligent media handling, is a versatile media handling solutionsystem that enables either a second roll of media to be loaded on theprinter, or the unit can be configured as a bi-directional media Take-upunit.

Dual –Roll Feeding: The dual-roll feeding mechanismenables users to load a second roll of a different media type and sizeso that users can simultaneously switch from printing on matte to glosspaper without pausing their work to reload. Additionally, the secondroll can be used to support high-volume printing be enabling two rollsof the same media to be fed to the printer.

Bi-DirectionalRewinding: The Multifunction Roll System may also be configured by theoperator as a take-up unit to rewind longer printouts. The user canchoose to rewind media with the printed surface on the outside or theinside of the roll, thereby supporting “bi-directional rewinding”.

Wi-Fi Connection2

Stay Connected. Wi-Fi connectivity is standard with the PRO Series printers.

Print From USB Thumb Drive

PDFand JPEG files can be directly printed on the imagePROGRAF PRO-4100from a USB thumb drive. Simply input the thumb drive into the USB porton the printer, preview the image on the operation panel, and print!Fast and easy printing without the use of a computer.

High Capacity Ink Tanks

Availablein 160ml, 330ml, and 700ml ink tanks, you have the flexibility topurchase ink based on your printing needs. 700ml photo black ink tankscan be purchased for those often printing nightscapes and 160ml magentaink tanks for the occasional sunset image, giving you the power topurchase ink based on the colour frequency at which you print.

Sub-Ink Tank System

TheSub-Ink Tank System allows all of the available ink in a tank to beused before having to replace it, helping eliminate any wasted ink. Theempty tanks can also be replaced on-the-fly without stopping theprinter. This is extremely useful during your long print jobs.

Multipositional Basket

TheimagePROGRAF PRO-4100 features a multipositional basket that can befreely adjusted to enable various output positions and options:

• Catch Basket
• Flatbed Stacking
• Slope (can be used to display a print)

500 GB Hard Drive

Abuilt-in 500 GB hard drive within the printer increases productivity byrelieving workload from the host Mac or PC, while providing a largecapacity for print job data storage and retrieval. This 500 GB harddrive enables job data to be stored in protected mailboxes for easyaccess via web browser or at the printer for job re-printing. Theembedded hard disk is ideal for medium to large workgroups to share aprinter efficiently with multiple users, offering sample job storagespace.

Professional Print & Layout1

Creatinglarge format prints is now easier with the introduction of ProfessionalPrint & Layout for imagePROGRAF large format printers. Thissoftware offers features that streamline your printing workflow.Compatible with Canon Digital Photo Professional® software, AdobePhotoshop® software, and Adobe Lightroom® software, Professional Print& Layout offers versatility never before seen with Canon LargeFormat printing.

Features include:
• Create and save custom layouts
• Nesting of images
• Import multiple images and make batch edits that apply to all
• Create “Favorites” settings
• Crop images

Free Layout Plus with Microsoft Plug-In

Nest,tile and create custom layouts before printing your files with thisprint utility. Use the plug-in feature to print directly from MicrosoftOffice programs.

Print Plug-In for Microsoft Office

Thisutility makes it easy to print large-format documents created inMicrosoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. The Plug-in appears in a tool barinside the Microsoft application and has an easy-to-follow "Wizard". ThePlug-in will bypass the printer driver to simplify the printingprocess. A few simple steps convert your 8.5" x 11" office document toposter size.

Media Configuration Tool

Recognizingthe expanding array of media options for large format printers and tofurther improve the versatility of these new imagePROGRAF models, Canonhas developed a Media Configuration Tool, which allows customers to notonly utilize Canon-branded media, but provides the ability to makeadjustments to printer settings to enhance the precision and quality ofoutput achieved with third party media.

Settings that can be configured using media parameter adjustment features include:

• Media weight and thickness
• Ink drying
• Automatic cutting settings
• Borderless printing
• Paper feed amount
• Print-head height
• Vacuum strength
• Maximum ink usage

Accounting Manager

Intoday's printing environment, it is more important than ever tounderstand how much ink and media each print job is costing yourbusiness. Both Mac® and Microsoft® compatible, Accounting Managerserves as a powerful feature, used for accurately managing your printcosts. With the Accounting Manager feature you can track how much inkand paper is being consumed when printing in large format of up to 50printers! Each individual ink tank can have its own cost associated toit, as well as a variety of different paper types. Costs can beassigned to ink and paper to determine expenses based on your own “Costof Goods”. The user can also input a variable cost that will be addedto the total of the print cost. The data is exportable to a .csv formatfor Microsoft Excel so the data can be used for billing purposes. Thisfeature will allow you to determine the cost of each print based onyour actual cost.

Features include:

• Job Cost (ink, Media and variable cost inputted byuser)
• Ink Consumed per Job*
• Media Consumed per Job
• Job Completion time
• And more

imagePROGRAF Printer Driver3

ThisWindows® and Macintosh® drivers incorporate simplified page setupoptions, one-touch borderless printing, expanded colour settings, andmuch more into a printer driver that is intuitive and easy-to-operatewhile still giving even the most advanced users the tools needed to stayproductive.

The Real Preview feature lets users ensurethat the print setting and the layout on the roll paper is correct byproviding real-time preview, allowing users to change the print settingeven after clicking on "print." The Free Layout feature enables nestingand custom layouts of images or files of nearly any type (available forboth Windows and Mac driver).
Quick Utility Toolbox

Quick Utility Toolbox is a portal to where all of the Canon printer software and tools can be accessed.

1.Professional Print & Layout software is compatible with AdobePhotoshop CS5/CS6/CC/CC (2014)/CC (2015), Adobe Photoshop Lightroom3/4/5/6, and Canon Digital Professional 3.12 or later.
2.Wireless printing requires a working network with wireless 802.11b/g or802.11n capability. Wireless performance may vary based on terrain anddistance between the printer and wireless network clients.
3. ForimagePROGRAF Printer Driver. For printing from PostScript applicationssuch as Adobe Illustrator or QuarkXpress, please use a PostScriptcompatible RIP package. For a list of Canon recommended RIP packages,please consult with Canon Alliance and Industry Market list of RIPvendors.
4. Your server must be compatible with a webDAV enabledcloud account, including but not limited to, Google, Carbonite orRackspace, to take advantage of the cloud functionality. Storagecapacity and any pricing thereof is based on the third-party cloudproviders current offering, at its sole discretion. Your cloud accountis subject to the third-party cloud provider's terms and conditions.Neither Canon Inc. nor Canon U.S.A., Inc. represents or warrants anythird party product, service or feature referenced hereunder.

*Thestarter ink tanks initially packaged with the printer are not thesamecapacity as the replacement ink tanks specified here.**The maximumprintable length varies, depending on application, OS, andRIP used.

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