Wedding Photography Under a Whole New Light

Have you experienced the magic of light? Award-winning wedding photographers Erika & Lanny Mann of Two Mann Studios want to show you that light isn’t just light! By changing your perspective on the way you think of light, you can transform your photography forever!

A Whole New Light – Photography Seminar On Light by Erika & Lanny Mann will dive into how to readjust your approach to light and photography. There is no need to shy away from highlights, shadows and the absence of light when you can use them to create powerful, distinctive photographs!

Erika & Lanny will also help you understand the technical side of light. By fully understanding how their Sony a9 interprets light, they are able to maximize the effectiveness of their camera and create visually creative photos!

Join us virtually on Wednesday, April 27th at 7:00 PM MDT to learn how you can approach your studio and wedding photography in a whole new light! For more information and to register, click here!

Want a sneak-peek into how Erika & Lanny set up their Sony a9? Check out Erika’s mini tutorial below!

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A Whole New Light – Photography Seminar On Light – Wed. Apr. 27

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