The Right Scruff 2020 Beard-O Challenge!

Time to grow your beard and support an amazing cause! The Jack Long Foundation is hosting The Right Scruff Beard-O Challenge from September 26th to October 31st, with the help of Kent of Inglewood and Julie Vincent Photography!

“COVID-19 has uncovered shameful truths about seniors’ long term care. It exposed the dangers of our system. The JLF believes that seniors deserve choices, hope, safety, and dignity.” – The Jack Long Foundation

The foundation is currently raising funds to complete a building project in Inglewood with the goal of providing safe supported living for seniors in a small, collaborative environment. This is where you can help! Simply sign up at to join the challenge, and get friends, family, and anyone you can to donate and help support your beautiful beard. Don’t forget to spread the word and get others to join the challenge. There are even prizes for the top three fundraisers!

After you register, make sure you book your beard photo session with the talented Julie Vincent. Go to Julie Vincent Photography to book either a before photo, an after photo, or both. Everyone wants to see your month-long beard transformation! Your photos will also keep on giving since 10% of your session fee will be donated to the Jack Long Foundation.

To keep your beard feeling great and looking amazing, the JLF have called in the professionals! Especially if it’s your first time growing a beard or you usually shave it off as soon as it gets itchy, the folks at Kent of Inglewood are here to help. They’ve got many handy tips and products to make beard-care a breeze, so you can grow something you’re proud of.

For more information, to sign up and to donate, go to The Right Scruff Beard-O Challenge!