New Canon RF 135mm f1.8L IS USM

Canon has excitedly announced their newest RF lens and it’s the stunning Canon RF 135mm f1.8L IS USM! With a fixed focal length, this mid-telephoto portrait lens that is compatible with any EOS R-series camera so can start taking even more stunning portrait photos! Boasting an outstanding combination of Canon’s advanced L-series optical design with fast AF, dependable image stabilization in a robust and weather-sealed construction body, the RF 135mm f1.8L IS USM is ready to empower you to shoot more!

The Canon RF 135mm f1.8L IS USM is a mid-telephoto lens with a beautifully bright f/1.8 maximum aperture, achieving beautiful and generous bokeh. Equipped with in-lens Image Stabilization, the coordinated control of this IS coupled with the in-body IS present in the EOS R6 Mark II camera and other EOS R equipped IBIS cameras, helps reduce camera shake and empowers photographers to express a feel of motion when shooting in dark areas with slow shutter speeds. Weather-sealed with a fluorine coating on front element helps repel moisture, dust, and fingerprints, makes the RF 135mm f1.8L IS USM exceptionally versatile.

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