Major Nikon Z9 Firmware Update 2.0

Nikon is unveiling an exciting new firmware update for the Nikon Z9 Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera that will be available on April 20th, 2022. This powerful upgrade is Nikon’s most comprehensive to date. Enhancements include in-camera 12-bit RAW video at up to 8K 60p, oversampling at 4K UHD 60p, and a new Pre-Release Capture function that increases the odds of catching hard-to-predict moments. The upgrade further solidifies the Z 9 as the ultimate hybrid camera for filmmakers, videographers, photographers and creators! Additionally, Nikon has also announced AF performance enhancements and other improvements with firmware version 1.4 for the Z 6II and Z 7II, as well as the development of the new MC-N10 Remote Grip for mirrorless cameras. All the new upgrades for the Z 9, Z 7II, and Z 6II will all be available free of charge starting April 20, 2022!

Videography and Cinema Upgrade Highlights for the Nikon Z 9

  • Addition of internal N-RAW video recording up to 12-bit 8.3K 60p and 12-bit ProRes RAW HQ up to 4.1K 60p.
  • Nikon’s new N-RAW raw video format records a vast amount of scene information, yet is significantly smaller file size, allowing for much more recording time and less intensive workflow.
    • N-RAW footage can be recorded in the following formats: 8.3K 60p, 24p, or 4.1K 120p, 60p, 30p, 24p while in full-frame/FX mode, 3.8K 120p with a 2.3x Crop, or 5.3K 60p, 30p, 24p with a DX (1.5x) crop.
  • 4K UHD 60p footage can now be oversampled from 8K footage, allowing for the sharpest and cleanest possible 4K content.
  • Red “REC” frame indicator on the monitor and viewfinder has been added during recording to easily identify when video is being captured.
  • Waveform monitor has been added to confirm the brightness levels and position of the subject while recording.

Still Photo Upgrade Highlights for the Nikon Z 9

  • The pre-Release Capture feature acquires hard-to-predict moments easier than ever before, allowing for the burst capture of images up to a full second before the shutter is fully pressed.
  • Twenty types of Custom Wide-Area AF selection patterns have been added, giving the user more control over what part of the frame they want to focus on, which can also work in conjunction with subject detection. This is useful for a variety of sports and situations such as volleyball or a finish line. Twelve additional patterns are available for video capture.
  • The Z 9’s Real Live Viewfinder is arguably the most impressive EVF available, and the only one that provides a truly blackout-free view. Firmware 2.0 adds the high fps viewfinder display function to increase the refresh rate to 120 fps for an even smoother, more lifelike view.

Watch Nikon’s Launch Video:

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