Firmware Update 2.00 for the Sony a9 II Now Available!

It’s always a good day when you find out there is a firmware update for your camera! And if you’re a Sony shooter with a Sony a9 II, today is your lucky day! Sony released firmware 2.00 for the a9 II, and it comes with a bunch of new and improved features!

Jumping right into the new features, firmware version 2.00 includes a new ‘Hi Frequency Flicker’ function. T helps in reducing the flickering effect of artificial light sources like LED lights, electronic signage, and so on, by ‘more finely adjusting the shutter speed’. This leads to the next new function, which closes the shutter when you turn off your camera to help minimize the chance of getting dust or dirt on the image sensor.

Sony has also made it that when you assign Face/Eye Priority autofocus setting to a custom key, you can activate and deactivate the setting by pressing that key. For those who have already assigned Face/Eye Priority set to a custom key, after the update you will be able to deactivate it by pressing your assigned key.

Improvements that come with firmware version 2.00 include updates to the Remote Camera Tool function, improved FTP transfers, the option to display the camera’s MAC address as a QR code along with other improvements that improve the overall stability of the camera.

To download Firmware Version 2.00 for your Sony a9 II, click here!

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