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There has been a large growth in the need for live streaming, teleconference, and digital content online these days. There have also been a few key pieces of hardware that have been in a large demand and in turn a large shortage of. Luckily, we have been able to source a new budget-friendly and easy to use a capture card to turn any device that has an HDMI output into a USB input video device for Apple and PC. The Photorepublik HDMI Video Capture Device!

At The Camera Store, we have had countless requests for solutions and other means of fulling the need for live streaming and recording hardware. From the local government and large corporations to local small businesses, and individuals, lots of people want the ability to use their camera for online use. With the Photorepublik HDMI Video Capture Device, it’s fast and easy to produce high-quality streams and meetings with any device!

To use the adapter, it is as simple as plugging in an HDMI cable from the device you would like to capture from, whether it be a mirrorless camera, DSLR, camcorder, gaming console, or even an iPad. Then plug in the adapter into a USB port on a PC or Mac. In settings of your device, software select the USB Video device and you are done.

The great thing about this device is it will take up to a 4k 30p signal and output to a 1080p signal for the computer to process. As most streaming services right now are captured at 1080p, this device is great for this application.

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Photorepublik HDMI Video Capture Device

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