Calgary Film and Analog Printing Services

If you are looking for local film development or analog printing services, I recommend Calgary based Carla Fedje Studio. Carla has recently come into possession of a fine Zone IV enlarger and some exquisite lenses that can make prints from negatives up to 4×5 inches. She has built a darkroom with a Skil saw, a power drill, and sheer will.

Her work as a medium and large format photographer is layered and varied, and deserves better critical attention than I can render. She is now doing film developing, scanning, and printing. Services are by consultation, see her developing price list below.

She is now offering film development and printing services, alongside studio portrait work, sculpting, and narrative practices (she is working on a children’s book). With more than 15 years of experience as a professional studio photographer, she is diligent, and has great visual intelligence. The pictures in this blog are from a recent studio visit. Her working space is idyllic, crafted by hand, like so much of what she does.

If you have any film you need to have developed or scanned or prints that you need to have made, you should contact her directly through email at or on Instagram @carlafedje

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